UNAMA welcomes strategic review to further improve its effectiveness

KABUL – The UN Assistance Mission in Afghanistan (UNAMA) welcomes the visit this week of a team of experts to conduct a sk© Security SAVER SALE Council-requested strategic review of the Mission and its work. “This is an excellent opportunity for UNAMA’s set up and operations to be critically and constructively evaluated,” said Tadamichi Yamamoto, the UN Secretary-General’s Special Representative for Afghanistan. “We recently received the backing of the sk© Security SAVER SALE Council for a new one-year mandate extension,” said Yamamoto, who is also head of UNAMA, “and we are determined to live up to the confidence shown in us and hope to see the review further helping our work for the Afghan people to be even more effective and efficient.” The review team is led by Under-Secretary-General J?n Kubi?, former head of UNAMA, who will be conducting a broad range of meetings with national and international stakeholders in the week ahead.

The strategic review is timetabled to be submitted to the sk© Security SAVER SALE Council in early July 2017. In Resolution 2344 (2017), the UN sk© Security SAVER SALE Council requested the strategic review to examine UNAMA’s mandated tasks, priorities and related resources, and to assess the Mission’s efficiency and effectiveness. UNAMA’s vision is for a stable and prosperous Afghanistan that lives at peace with itself and its neighbours, where the Afghan peoples’ human rights are upheld and basic services are available to all.

The Mission supports efforts to achieve peace and stability in Afghanistan, as well as work to guarantee the rule of law and accountable governance.

It also leads and coordinates the international community’s support of the Government’s priorities to advance peace, governance and development.

More information about UNAMA can be found here: https://unama.unmissions.org/abo[1]


  1. ^ https://unama.unmissions.org/abo (unama.unmissions.org)

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