sk© Security SAVER SALE cameras proposed for Uber drivers’ private cars as new Queensland legislation goes through Parliament

Updated May 16, 2017 08:24:28 Uber drivers may be forced to install security cameras in their private cars under a raft of legal changes recommended for ride-booking laws by Queensland Parliament. An unusually large number of suggested amendments to the new legislation about ride-booking have been recommended before the bill is passed.

A state parliamentary committee said the Personalised Transport legislation[1] should be accepted by MPs, but with 16 recommendations. The raft of legal changes include a register of banned drivers, rules stopping Uber drivers pulling double shifts, and a review of whether security cameras are needed in private cars. Black and White Cabs chief operating officer John Lobwein said the amendments did not go far enough.

“But we are working in an environment at the moment that is probably weighted 90/10 against us. These measures probably take us in the world of 70/30,” he said. In the report, committee chair Shane King said not everyone agreed on the proposed requirement for only taxis to have security cameras installed.

The review therefore recommended driver and passenger safety in ride-booking vehicles be reviewed after 18 months, and if it shows there is a “higher risk profile in vehicles without cameras” then the Minister consider introducing a requirement for security cameras in every vehicle used in the personalised transport industry. Mr Lobwein said security cameras in all vehicles was an obvious necessity.

“Those sort of things are a no brainer,” Mr Lobwein said.

“How we could get to this stage and still be debating we need security cameras. “The fact you have to lobby to have common sense things out in place that the Government already know about.

“Ride-sharing, you can call it whatever you like, it is a taxi service and we have learnt there is a need to have cameras in taxis.”

Main Roads Minister Mark Bailey is yet to consider the report.

Uber and the Taxi Council did not return the ABC’s calls for comment.

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