Mahanadu: DGP reviews security arrangements

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DGP of Andhra Pradesh N. Samabasiva Rao on Monday reviewed security arrangements being made for the three-day Telugu Desam Party Mahanadu to be held at AU Engineering College grounds here from May 27. Speaking to mediapersons, Mr.

Sambasiva Rao said there are two main challenges such as VVIP security and protocol. “We will be deploying more number of policemen in mufti to handle both the issues. Traffic is another issue that we are concentrating on.

The roads leading to the venue are a bit narrow and we are working on how to handle the traffic and the parking,” he told the media. Not ruling out the threat from Maoists during the Mahanadu, the DGP said, “We do not rule out the threat perception, despite that the presence of the Maoists in the agency areas. We will be deploying action teams and as well as set-up check-posts at various strategic points in the city.

Both the city and the district police are working in tandem on this issue.” Stating that the killing of YSR Congress Pathikonda constituency in-charge Cherukulapadu Narayana Reddy and his aide Sambasivudu, as an unfortunate incident, the DGP said the culprits will be brought to books. He said for the police force the life of every individual is important and there is no political colour to it.

“It is a fact that the licence for his revolver expired on March 31 and he had given a renewal application. We will verify why it was delayed. But there is no doubt that it was a factional killing,” he said.

On the issuance of gunmen for the slain leader, Mr. Sambasiva Rao said gunmen’s are provided based on the threat perception and the report given by the Threat Review Committee (TRC).

Aerial survey Meanwhile, sources said the DGP had conducted aerial survey of the Andhra Odisha Border (AOB) area to ascertain the security scenario.

Sources also said some foreign anti-insurgency experts also accompanied the DGP to help the State come out with a comprehensive policy to tackle the Maoist problem in the Agency areas.


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