Fears Sydney Opera House could be under threat from ‘London-style terror attack’ – Security Kit

Fears Sydney Opera House could be under threat from ‘London-style terror attack’

Yahoo7 News on April 18, 2017, 9:50 am

There are fears visitors to one of Australia’s most iconic buildings could be under threat from a London-style terror attack, leading to calls for security to be bolstered. Close

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Calls for security review over fears of Sydney terror attack


Residents living near the Sydney Opera House have reported seeing several vehicles driving along and around the promenade without escort, which they told The Australian is cause for alarm. Those vehicles were said to include ice cream trucks and other unmarked white vans, seen driving along the paved areas with pedestrians forced to move out of the way.

Seven’s Sunrise understands there are several agencies and government authorities that oversee security in and around the Opera House precinct, including the City of Sydney, NSW Police and the Sydney Opera House Trust.

When the newspaper contacted the individual groups for comment on the possible security threats, each reportedly hand-balled responsibility to one another. In light of the possible threats, the Sydney Business Chamber executive director Patricia Forsythe told the paper there was a lack of “clear co-ordination” and an all-encompassing, year-round oversight body was needed. “It is timely that these agencies develop a complete approach to the future development of Circular Quay, which would include security,” she said.

Neighbouring residents fear the promenade near the Opera House could be under threat from a London-style terror attack.

Source: AAP* Sydney Opera House and Manly ferry terminal locked down following ‘bomb threat’

Residents in the nearby “Toaster” building have raised the alarm about the number of unmarked and un-chaperoned vehicles that move along the front of their building. Some residents fear the vehicles could be used to mow down pedestrians in the same methods employed in recent attacks in Nice, Berlin and Sweden. The Toaster, otherwise known as the Bennelong Apartments, is home to some of Australia’s wealthiest professionals and personalities including radio shock jock Alan Jones.

The Opera House in lock-down during ‘bomb threat’.

Source: Kamilia Palu

One unnamed resident of the building said their alarm bells were set off recently when a work van appeared behind them. “All of a sudden there’s a van coming behind us and there were people everywhere,” he told The Australian. “They drove the entire length of the promenade — it was scary.”

Many concerns have been raised by residents in the neighbouring ‘Toaster’ building.

Source: AAP

The resident told the newspaper the area was “sitting duck” and at real danger if security was not improved. Toaster residents have been complaining about some of the goings on at the Opera House in recent years, in particular the live concerts held on the steps and promenade. In November Alan Jones told News Corp[4] the concerts made the area look “like a bomb site, and this goes on for 120 days a year.

Go down there, it’s an eyesore.”

Toaster residents have also raised their objections to some of the concerts held on the Opera House forecourt. Source: AAP

In February the Opera House was fined £15,000[5] on the back of a number of noise complaints over four Florence and the Machine concert held on the steps in November 2015. The Sydney Opera House has been contacted for comment about the concerns of Toaster residents.

In another recent instance of concern for residents, an ice cream van reportedly pulled into the turning circle at the end of Macquarie Street before parking on the footpath to sell ice cream for five hours on Thursday, in the middle of the school holidays.

A NSW Police officer said the promenade was a “controlled area that counter-terrorism command works closely with”.

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