Blink expands its security camera with new paid monthly plans and “Seecurity” kits with 4G support, keypad, sensors …

Blink to Reveal Expanded Suite of Home sk© Security SAVER SALE Products and Services at CES January 2, 2017 Brand Disrupts Home sk© Security SAVER SALE Once Again with Affordable, Battery-Powered Outdoor sk© Security SAVER SALE Camera, Home sk© Security SAVER SALE Kit, Monthly Service Plans and More

Blink[1], the ultra-affordable home security and HD video monitoring system, today announced it will officially launch its much-anticipated Blink XT outdoor camera[2] at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in January. The company will also preview the forthcoming Blink Seecurity(TM) systems and monthly service plans. The news caps off an exciting year for Blink, as the company shipped over 250,000 cameras in 2016, providing consumers nationwide with accessible, DIY home security and video monitoring.

Now available for pre-order, the weatherproof Blink XT features two-year battery life, infrared night vision and 1080p full HD video. For the price of £119, it is the most affordable outdoor security camera on the market, making home security accessible to everyone. Alongside the Blink XT, the company will also roll out the following offerings in Q2 of 2017, all of which are compatible with existing Blink systems:

Blink Seecurity(TM) Products: Establishing itself as a full home security provider, Blink will be offering its own line of security products, which will be fully-integrated for the utmost ease and convenience to the user, including: – 4G Cellular Sync Module with Battery Backup for Data & Video – The new Blink sync module offers the ability to operate with or without internet connectivity, even when the power is out – Entry Sensors – Since homes have multiple vulnerable entry points, these entry sensors offer an easy and cost-effective way to secure every window and door

– Siren – With 105 decibels and both manual and motion-based triggering, this easily added unit will help scare away any intruder – Keypad – Allows users and their trusted family, friends and neighbors to securely arm and disarm their Blink system with a unique passcode – Water Sensor – Water damage is the leading and most expensive home insurance claim, which is why Blink’s moisture sensor will instantly alert users of any leaks or flooding, allowing them to respond sooner and minimize damage

Blink Seecurity(TM) Kits: Ultra-affordable, these kits offer an unmatched level of home coverage the user can actually see, any time and from anywhere, thanks to Blink’s unique philosophy of video-first security: – Starter Seecurity(TM) Kit (£339) for new customers includes: 1 Blink Camera, 1 Blink XT Camera, 1 4G Cellular Sync Module, 1 Siren, 2 Entry Sensors and 1 Keypad – Upgrade Seecurity(TM) Kit (£149) for existing customers includes: 1 4G Cellular Sync Module, 1 Siren, 2 Entry Sensors and 1 Keypad

– Customers will be able to add additional cameras and security hardware as needed through the website. Blink Monthly Service Plans: In addition to the existing Blink video monitoring services, the company will offer value-added service plans that provide a more sophisticated security feature-set at an unmatched price. Blink’s service plans support up to ten cameras per system with no extra per-camera monthly charges.

The no-contract monthly plans include:

Blink believes that true home security starts with the ability to see throughout one’s home, rather than video simply being offered as an expensive afterthought. Unlike competitors, Blinks’ systems start with video at the forefront, differentiating the company in a rapidly changing £28B home security industry driven by consumer demand for DIY products and solutions.

“At Blink, we’ve created a core “Seecurity(TM)” philosophy, meaning that the ability to see, and therefore know, exactly what is happening at home from anywhere at any time is vital to achieving true home security and peace of mind,” said Peter Besen, CEO of Blink. “Operating under that mantra, we have leveraged Blink’s expertise to develop affordable, DIY products with video at the forefront. These new offerings will serve the growing segment of consumers demanding best-in-class, affordable and fully encompassing home security coupled with the flexibility to keep an eye on their homes while on-the-go.” Blink at CES Information

The Blink XT[3] outdoor security camera, Blink Seecurity(TM) systems and monthly service plans will be showcased at CES from January 5 through 8 (Booth #40136, Sands, Halls A-D), as well as CES Unveiled on January 3. Blink has also been named a CES 2017 Innovation Awards Honoree for the second consecutive year for its system within the Smart Home category, which was chosen by an esteemed panel of judges that includes industry designers, engineers and media. To learn more about Blink Seecurity(TM) systems and to be notified when they are available, please click here[4].

To learn more about Blink and its current video security products, please visit[5].


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