Year in review: The most heartwarming videos of 2016

This year has seen a whirlwind of events, some that have been tragic and others that have been a little more uplifting. As 2016 comes to a close, Global News takes a look back at some of the videos that have melted the hearts of our audience this year.

sk© Security SAVER SALE camera captures Louisiana boy hugging neighbour’s dog on his way to school

sk© Security SAVER SALE camera footage out of Pierre Part, La., shows a little boy ducking into his neighbour’s garage for a quick hug with their dog in a clip that quickly went viral last June.

Judge allows inmate to meet newborn son for first time

A judge in Louisville, Ky., allowed an inmate to meet his one-month-old son for the first time during a hearing last August.

Good Samaritan caught on camera giving homeless man his shirt

A New York City Good Samaritan gave the shirt off his back to a homeless man while riding on a Manhattan subway train in January.

Polar bear seen petting sled dog in Churchill, Man.

David de Meulles, a tour guide for North Star Tours captured this incredible footage showing a polar bear petting a sled dog affectionately on its head in Churchill, Man., in November. However, there was some controversy with the video.

Global News later learned that a dog was killed by a polar bear on the same property where the video was taken.

Sheriff ‘pulls over’ wife for ‘traffic violation,’ announces he’s a father

An Orange County, Calif., deputy sheriff and his wife have came up with a unique way of telling the world they’re expecting a baby in March and the whole thing was video recorded.

Alberta man reunited with stolen dogs

A Leduc, Alta., man was reunited with his beloved pets after his Jeep was stolen in November, with his three dogs inside. The snuggles and kisses were captured on video.

Amazing ultrasound image gives Calgary family a ‘thumbs-up’

Nicole Kim and her husband Tony found out they were expecting just after Tony was laid off from the oil and gas industry. But in January the family received an unexpected sign of hope from their unborn baby.

Football player sits with autistic student eating lunch alone

Thanks to Florida State University football player Travis Rudolph’s small gesture of kindness, it could be a long time before a mother will have to worry again about her autistic son eating lunch alone.

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