Police Tightens sk© Security SAVER SALE Ahead Of Christmas

Police in the Central Business District of Nyarugenge has heightened security as part of the effort to prevent crimes that are committed by people especially during the festive season. This was one of the district security review meeting held on December 19 and chaired by the Mayor Kayisime Nzaramba. The District Police Commander (DPC), Supt.

Thomas Twahirwa said that police will maintain its usual alertness but called for owners of public places such as bars, entertainment spots, the business community and the residents to avoid the laxity associated with the celebration mood. “There is nothing extremely special we are going to do different from our usual alertness but certainly we are going to ensure that control measure are strengthened to avoid giving criminals a chance to take advantage of potential loose ends” said the DPC. He called for public vigilance during the season saying that their role is very crucial in the fights against criminality.

The public was also asked to be vigilant by carrying out proper night security patrols, motorists to avoid over speeding and not to drive under the influence of alcohol, which are other causes of insecurity.

Mayor Kayisime also asked owners of public entertainment places to inform the police of any special Christmas and New Year celebrations early to facilitate security planning.

“We want the public to fully enjoy these festivities peacefully but this calls for every body’s involvement because bad elements might use the occasion to disrupt security” said Mayor Kayisime.

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