Is it the stress of airport security? Survey says most Canadians like to drink en route

Is it the stress of going through airport security? Most Canadians say they like to raise a glass at the airport or have a drink on an airplane. A survey of more than 1,000 Canadians by[1] found a massive 70% of us drink en route to our destinations, with 60% saying they like to stop at the airport bar.

Asked when we like to indulge, 26% said they drink during a long layover and 24% said when there’s a flight delay. As to why we drink, 27% said they like to celebrate getting away, while 17% said it’s simply out of boredom. Fifteen per cent said it’s to socialize with travel companions and 11% said they drink because they’re anxious about flying.

The survey found that half of Canadian men prefer a beer at the airport bar, while 18% opt for wine and 14% hard liquor. Women chose wine (30%) and cocktails (27%) as their alcoholic beverages of choice at the airport. Eighteen per cent of men and 8% of women also report feeling intoxicated in the airport or on a flight.

As much as we love a drink on the plane, though, we don’t always like to pay for the privilege. The survey found that 13% of Canadians will have an adult beverage on any flight but that 32% of us will only do so when the drinks are free. The survey found airport and airplane drinking is most popular with younger folks.

A remarkable 78% of Canadians aged 25-35 said they make a stop at the airport bar on a trip on at least some occasions, while 68% said they drink on the plane. A full 21% of folks in that age group said they stop at the airport bar on every trip, while 17% said they drink on all their flights. The survey also found that Canadians like to get an early start on their vacations, with 30% of us saying we’ve had our first drink before noon on vacation.

Some 15% of Canadians say they’ve started drinking before 10 a.m. on a getaway.

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