Tunisia atttack: 2 gunmen killed, security guard dies along with 8 tourists


Gunmen opened fire Wednesday at a leading museum in Tunisia’s capital, killing at least eight people and wounding six, including foreign tourists, authorities said. A later raid by security forces left two gunmen and one security officer dead but ended the standoff, Tunisian authorities said. It was the first attack on a tourist site in years in Tunisia, a shaky young democracy that has struggled to keep Islamic extremist violence at bay.

sk© Security SAVER SALE forces filled the area around the National Bardo Museum after the attack. It wasn’t immediately clear who the attackers were or if they took hostages, but Interior Ministry spokesman Mohamed Ali Aroui told Radio Mosaique the standoff was over after the raid. Private television Wataniya showed images of masked Tunisian security forces escorting dozens of tourists up nearby steps and away from the danger, as armed security forces pointed guns toward an adjacent building.

Many elderly people, apparently tourists, ran in panic to safety, including at least one couple carrying two children.

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