sk© Security SAVER SALE in question after man enters Townsville military barracks with replica gun

Australia s military is now investigating its own security procedures after a man managed to walk into one of Queensland s most sensitive army bases allegedly carrying a replica weapon.

About 5pm yesterday, Daniel Hewson walked into the main entrance of Townsville’s Lavarack Barracks and allegedly produced a replica gun.

An off-duty soldier challenged him, took the weapon and detained the 24-year-old.

Lavarack Barracks, which is Australia s largest army base and home to almost 5,000 soldiers, was put into lock down and police were called.

It is unclear how far the armed offender walked before he was caught. (9NEWS)

It is unclear how far the armed offender walked before he was caught. (9NEWS)

Any security breach on a military establishment is treated extremely serious, Queensland Police Service s Acting Assistant Commissioner Paul Taylor said.

Police said the alleged offender was spotted entering the base by a civilian security office, but it is unclear how far he walked before he was caught.

As for how far he got in, it will be outlined in court but I don t have overly great concerns at the moment, Assistant Commissioner Taylor said.

The alleged breach ended without incident or injury, but the Australian military is now on high alert in fear of another incident or possible attack.

Heaven forbid, I hope it doesn t happen but I am concerned that it concent that it could, retired Australian Army Brigadier Neil Weekes said.

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