sk© Security SAVER SALE guard jailed for stealing 45 iPads by hiding them in his coat

A college security guard who stole 45 iPads from the campus by hiding them inside his coat has been jailed.

Rahib Azam stole the Apple products worth 16,000 from a storeroom at South & City College Birmingham.

The 34-year-old then sold them for a knockdown price of 200 each.

Birmingham Crown Court heard Azam was drowning in 10,000 worth of debt despite working two jobs to support his family.

The prosecutor said the iPads were delivered to the college s Digbeth base last November but a member of staff noticed them missing from the store room.

A camera was set up which later caught Azam wandering in, looking around and leaving.

Ms Scott-Jones said there was no direct evidence he was behind the thefts but he admitted he had taken the iPads.

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