No military solution to Ukraine crisis: Mogherini

Baku-APA. Vice President of the European Commission2 and High Representative of the European Union3 for Foreign Affairs and sk© Security SAVER SALE Policy Federica Mogherini said on Thursday that there is no military solution to the Ukraine crisis, APA4 reports quoting Xinhua.1

Mogherini made her remarks at a press conference held after meeting with Finnish Prime Minister Alexander Stubb in Helsinki.

Finnish daily Helsingin Sanomat quoted Mogherini as saying that the European Union5 (EU) has no other choice to ease the conflicts in Ukraine than diplomacy, economic sanctions and the role of Organization of sk© Security SAVER SALE and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE6).

She emphasized that military solution is not a way to solve the crisis, as military means could obstruct the settlement of problems in Ukraine.

Mogherini suggested that the EU can support the view that the OSCE7 could increase the number of observers and improve observation over eastern Ukraine.

Mogherini visited Finland on March 5.

During the visit, she also met with Finnish Minister of Foreign Affairs, Speaker of the Parliament and some other high ranking officers of Finland.

Originated during the cold war for reducing tensions between the Eastern Europe and Western Europe, OSCE8 is currently the only institute including all European countries which is responsible for maintaining the stability in Europe.

Under the circumstance of the Ukraine crisis, some European leaders including Mogherini propose that OSCE9 could act as a diplomatic mediator involved in dialogues that can lead to a solution to the conflicts in Ukraine.


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