Milwaukee Bucks have a creepy security guard who happens to be a wax statue

Jeff Zillgitt, USA TODAY Sports

Jeff Zillgitt, USA TODAY Sports

MILWAUKEE Walked into the Milwaukee Bucks practice facility and said hello to the security guard sitting in a metal folding chair in the lobby. Asked him how he was doing. Didn t get a response.

Figured he had dozed off.

After all, the Bucks practice facility is located on the grounds of the Archbishop Cousins Catholic Center in St.

Francis, Wis., south of Milwaukee on the shores of Lake Michigan. How much security do they really need?

I sat down in the lobby and tried to make eye contact. Nothing.

Wake up, buddy!

I wasn t the first and won t be the last to get fooled. It s a sculpture, a very lifelike sculpture that has duped several people, including players, new employees and visitors.

Jeff Zillgitt, USA TODAY Sports

Jeff Zillgitt, USA TODAY Sports

Legend has it Michael Jordan walked into the Bucks practice facility, said hello to Art, was ignored and complained to Bucks management that the security guard didn t acknowledge him.

But I couldn t take my eyes off the guy. At first I thought maybe it s a tribute or memorial to a former Bucks security guard and thought that would be even creepier than the already-creepy lifelike sculpture.

Then, I noticed the name tag on the security guard Art.

I got it.

The sculpture is the product of Milwaukee s Marc Sijan, one of the leading artists in the field of hyper realism, according to an about page on his website1.

His work has been featured throughout the world, and if you think the security guard is, uh, interesting, check out some of his other work.

Go ahead and google Milwaukee Bucks practice facility You know how Google likes to fill in the rest based on popular searches.

That s right Milwaukee Bucks practice facility statue and Milwaukee Bucks practice facility security guard are the top two choices.


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